Difference Maker

First of its kind, college and career readiness program for k-8 students

  • Research based program.
  • CCR Pre and Post Assessment Metrics. (Access to student data)
  • Parent Involvement from Parent University.
  • Created by and designed by educators.
  • Uniqueness and creativity that delivers 100% student engagement.
  • Professional development and support throughout the year.




You shouldn't have to break the bank to offer phenomenal programs at your school or organization. We all have one common goal- graduate students career or college ready. This is why the College and Career Already program powered by College Match Pros is a very effective program that is also cost efficient. Contact us to learn more.



Student Benefit

  • In-depth understanding of how content connects to specific industries and careers.
  • Students actualize their gifts and talents in the best fit industries and careers.
  • Builds self-confidence, self-esteem, self-efficacy and connects social and emotional learning.
  • Exposes students to two and four year colleges, technical schools, HBCUs, Ivy League Colleges and for middle school student’s college application verbiage.
  • Fun and engaging learning platform.
  • 8th grade students fill in their own personalized graduation plans.
  • Exposure to over 200 career fields and 40 colleges by the end of each program.
  • Students build their own college and career readiness digital notebooks.



Teacher Benefits

  • Easy teacher usage and implementation with complete lesson plans, not just framework.
  • Professional development for 100% student engagement and platform navigation.
  • Makes learning relevant not an abstract idea.
  • Student centered design for individual and cooperative learning,
  • Non-graded assignments. Just teachable exploratory moments.
  • All digital platforms with weekly culminating activity built in.
  • College and career readiness program is cross curricular.
  • No data to collect or paperwork to fill out. Platform takes care of all the work.
  • 30-minute weekly lesson.



School / Organization Benefits

  • School labeled and recognized a “College and Career” readiness program school. (Banner included)
  • Supports, promotes and aids all curriculums, including but not limited to: Project Based Learning, International Baccalaureate, S.T.E.A.M, STEM, Avid Expeditionary Learning, EL Education, and Arts curriculums.
  • Increased Parent involvement through Parent University.
  • College and Career readiness metrics for student success. (pre and post CCR assessment)
  • Complete digital Platform. Compatible with digital classrooms.



Parent / Guardians Benefits

  • By the end of each program year, your child would have been exposed to over 200 new career fields and over 40 colleges and universities from all over the country.
  • The College and Career Already program takes a holistic approach by not only focusing on content strengths to align for industry considerations. The program also puts a major focus on individual talents and gifts. No student ever feels left out.
  • Builds self-confidence and vision for the future with a visual map to obtaining goals and aspirations.
  • Fosters college and career conversations.
  • Parent University quarterly zoom meetings teach parents about new trends in college admissions, saving for college, and how to support your child in their endeavors early.