Yes, the college and career readiness program can be started anytime of the year.
Yes, administrators, teachers, and staff will be trained for the college and career readiness program for 100% student engagement. Additionally, College Match Pros offers a wide range of professional development opportunities, please reach out to learn more.
Demos are roughly 20-30 minutes and can be scheduled for any day of the week and some weekends. All meetings are virtual at this time.
No, the college and career readiness program is not just for schools. The program is for any non-profit organization, faith-based center, or any entity promoting college and career awareness for students k-12.
Yearly and multi-year licenses are both available.
Yes, there are always new colleges and careers added to the platform. There will also be some of the same careers on the platform due to a growing future market in that industry.
We pinky promise not to put a dent in your budget, yet, have a huge impact on your students! Send us a message today through the contact page and let's schedule a zoom demo.